Capturing art before it moves on or is removed forever...               

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We sit and wait impatiently when the train crosses our path...just looking for the end, so we can hurry on with our day.  Perhaps the next time a train crosses your path you will take a minute to reflect on the time, energy, and talent that went into the art passing before your eyes!!

My graffiti photography is meant as art expression only.  I do not produce the graffiti published.  Also, I do not in any way endorse vandalism or the use of graffiti for the defacement of private and/or state-owned property. 

Pictures on this site are registered and copywritten with the US Library of Congress.  No reproduction without consent of the author and all rights are reserved. 

Lauren Beyer (aka graphotogirl) has always been taking pictures through her eyes …


Photography subjects may come in many forms, but graffiti is Lauren’s passion. She believes everything before our eyes is made up of “graffiti fractals”.


Her exhibition genres include Graphotos (train graffiti) Granature (nature’s graffiti) and Gra-Fire (sky graffiti – fireworks) and provide a cohesive show with varying progressive offerings.